Step-by-step instructions for creating procedures
that will do much more than ensure compliance.

CD now available for webinar that aired on March 29, 2017

If you missed the March webinar from Pathology Webinars on “How Laboratories and Pathology Practices Can Use the Compliance Audit Process to Maximize Revenue,” you still have a chance to purchase the CD of this event.

While having a compliance plan is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for individual physicians and small groups, no date has been set for enforcement. Some labs and pathology groups are waiting until the law is enforced before coming up with a plan. If yours is one of them, you may want to rethink that strategy.

Compliance plans can do much more than ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. A good plan that includes a broad range of business monitoring tools not only improves and protects your business, it can also help you find thousands in revenue you may have missed or were simply never paid.

Many of the systems you put in place to ensure compliance are also the ones you can use to monitor billing and reimbursements. Using a common-sense system of checks & balances, you’ll help ensure that all of your laboratory’s processes & procedures—including billing—are done right. And physician practices that regularly monitor their billing and coding operations are much more likely to see an increase in revenue as a result.

Do you know what percentage of your claims are being denied and why? Or how payers and insurance companies will handle new CPT codes? And do you have a detailed process for dealing with bad debt?

These are just a few of almost 20 processes your billing and coding department should have in place and be monitoring regularly to ensure compliance and maximum revenue for your lab.

Purchase the CD of this session that originally aired on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 for “How Laboratories and Pathology Practices Can Use the Compliance Audit Process to Maximize Revenue,” an in-depth webinar featuring Al Sirmon from Pathology Practice Advisors LLC who will provide you with a list of these important processes as well as step-by-step instructions on how to implement—and regularly monitor—them in your lab or pathology group.

You’ll get details of several case studies to show you just how easy it can be to set up these procedures in a laboratory or small group practice setting, and how they can generate additional revenue for you. One case study will focus on a lab that, for a small investment, was able to recoup more than $60,000 in uncollected or incorrectly billed revenue!

Whether you’re a laboratory manager, compliance officer, billing and coding professional, pathology practice manager—anyone who wants to maximize revenue for your lab or pathology group—this is one webinar you can’t afford to miss.

Distinguished Presenter


Al Sirmon is the co-founder of Pathology Practice Advisors, LLC, which he started in 2016 with Chappy Manning. PPA provides both ongoing and special one-time project support to pathology practices nationwide. Mr. Sirmon was also a co-founder of Pathology Service Associates, LLC (PSA), a management services organization and billing company for pathology practices that he grew from 10 employees and five pathology practices in 1994 to more than 500 employees and 100 pathology practices nationwide when it was acquired in 2012. Prior to PSA, Mr. Sirmon spent fifteen years in public accounting helping small business clients, and became the practice manager of a pathology practice and independent clinical lab in 1988.



Here is just some of what you’ll learn when you purchase the CD of this in-depth 90-minute conference:

  • Specific reports and benchmarks your laboratory or pathology group can use to avoid compliance concerns and ensure maximum revenue.
  • Processes and procedures to help ensure compliance, conduct an audit, and generate additional revenue for your lab.
  • The markers to monitor to ensure accurate charges, clean bills, and rightful reimbursement.
  • Why regular monitoring, reporting, reviewing, and remediation are critical to the profitability of your practice.
  • How to assess your group’s billing practices for possible red flags—and fix what you find.
  • A step-by-step plan to prepare your laboratory or pathology group for an annual audit of its billing and coding procedures.
…and much more!

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