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If you missed the webinar from Pathology Webinars on “2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: How New Reimbursement Reductions and Value-Based Payments Will Affect Your Bottom Line,” you still have a chance to purchase the CD of this event.
The proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) is out for 2017, with, among other things, reimbursement rates for CPT codes used by laboratories and pathologists. It also provides some insight into future payment models, including MACRA and MIPS, the latter of which is slated to take effect in early 2017.
This MPFS includes significant cuts to a number of technical component (TC) rates for key pathology codes. CMS has justified these cuts by citing a reduction in the cost of supplies for certain procedures.
A few codes could see some increases in reimbursements, but the bottom line is this: it will be even harder for laboratories and pathologists to make money in the next few years. The proposed cuts will create critical problems for many independent laboratories, and could put some of them out of business.  
So which of the most common pathology codes are being cut or raised, and by how much? What can your laboratory or pathology group do to prepare for these changes? And how will they impact your bottom line? 
Get answers to these questions and more when you purchase the CD of “2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: How New Reimbursement Reductions and Value-Based Payments Will Affect Your Bottom Line,” that originally aired on September 15, 2016. You’ll hear Mick Raich and Ann Lambrix from Vachette Pathology takes a closer look at the MPFS for 2017.
In addition to details on the cuts to pathology codes, you’ll find out more about the industry’s shift to bundled and value-based payments, which could change the future of pathology groups and independent labs. You’ll get a review of an actual revenue projection so you can see first-hand what your payments will look like if these changes are implemented.

Our speakers also talk about why M&A activity in healthcare is at its highest level in years and why that’s a big concern for laboratories and pathology groups as the industry moves toward a bundled payment model. You’ll get the latest information on recent industry consolidations and find out how these could transform the way your organization positions itself in the coming months. You’ll also get a template to help you evaluate your business so you can make the most informed decisions about what’s ahead for you practice.
Whether you’re a CEO, chief financial officer, laboratory manager, board director, or practice manager—anyone who needs to understand the new fee schedule changes and what to expect as the industry moves closer to value-based payments—this information is for you.

Distinguished Presenters

Mick Raich is the founder of Vachette Pathology and has been its President and CEO for the last 11 years. He is a nationally recognized consultant in the business of pathology and laboratory reimbursement and practice strategy. Mr. Raich spent his entire 32-year career in healthcare. His experience began in direct patient care, bereavement counseling, and hospital management and progressed into pathology billing sales and management, pathology practice sales and marketing, revenue cycle management, and strategic consulting. Mr. Raich has grown Vachette into a nationwide consulting and management firm that specializes in working with independent labs, hospital-based pathology practices, hospital and health systems, and university pathology groups. Vachette provides services to more than 1,600 pathologists and 64 clients nationwide.

Lambrix PhotoAnn Lambrix is the Executive Client Administrator with Vachette Pathology. She has more than 13 years in the medical insurance and billing industry. Ms. Lambrix has worked for a third-party insurance company, leading their internal review and audit team and creating provider payment guidelines and processes for claims adjudication. She also has several years of experience in physician and hospital billing, managing insurance teams for national, multi-billion dollar corporations with billing and collections in more than 30 states to governmental and commercial insurance plans.





Here is just some of what you purchase the CD of this in-depth 90-minute conference:

  • The pathology codes that are expecting the biggest cuts.
  • The pathology codes that are expected to see the biggest increases.
  • How MACRA and the continued push toward value-based payments are driving changes in the industry.
  • How mastering PQRS and MIPS can keep you ahead of your peers in the revenue game.
  • How PQRS and MIPS have pushed healthcare consolidations to a new level—and the changes your lab or practice may need to make to survive.
  • Instructions for using our free template to help you evaluate the current state of your business and its role in today’s changing economy.
…and much more!

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