About us

Pathology Webinars, Inc. has been producing webinars for laboratories and pathologists for the past three years (through Pathology Blawg). We look for topics that can deliver the information you and your laboratory need to be more successful. You can rely on Pathology Webinars to provide the best coverage on relevant subjects, along with answers to your specific questions.

We recruit webinar presenters who are top subject-matter experts and practitioners in the field. You can depend on them to give you the most up-to-date information available on each webinar topic.

In addition to our advisors, we rely on you, the audience, to let us know what’s important as you go about the business of pathology. When you think about information and education, we want you to think about Pathology Webinars first.

About Justin

Justin Clark is CEO of Pathology Webinars, Inc.. Justin is a entrepreneur with a proven background in the healthcare industry and experience driving website, webinar, social media, trade show and white paper marketing campaigns.

Justin has owned his own healthcare consulting firm, was the first employee of a very successful Silicone Valley startup and has successfully spearheaded lead generation marketing campaigns for over 20 organizations and has moderated almost 100 webinars and has co-authored dozens of white papers.

About Leslie

Leslie Davidson is CEO of Pathology Webinars, Inc. Using her almost 35 years of project management and marketing experience, she has produced hundreds of successful webinars for clients, including Pathology Blawg, where she was responsible for topic selection, speaker recruitment, marketing, logistics and planning, and more, for its entire webinar program.

Leslie is a nationally recognized expert in webinar production and marketing and has presented on the subject at several national conferences. She is excited about the formation of Pathology Webinars and looks forward to continuing to provide webinars with information of value to the laboratory and pathology audience.